"Hi all,


I think It is time to support each other. Today I had contact with my friend Kamal from India. You can book Kamal for a trip with him and his camels in the desert. It is really a wonderful adventure. Kamal takes care of the group and the food he brings to his village. It is a small community that lives in nature back to basic. Kamal worked as a tour agency and is running the guesthouse in Jaisalmer. His father owns the camels and He learned how to work with the camels from when he was a kid. Due to corona there are no tourists for 4 months now. He already sold all his goods like a car and motorbike and did spend all his money to be able to help the people in his village with food and water. He went to the local politicians and town hall to ask for help and support. But received a no as an answer. I think it is time to help each other, to support each other in these difficult times. Kamal had been giving out of his heart and is a beautiful soul. Let’s collect pennies to help him and his community. What comes around goes around, he will be able to give something back in one way or another. It is important the he can be that baken of light and support in his village"​