A year with so much dynamics. Although the lockdown pushed us in certain ways, into our homes.

It opened 'other' doors for many. 

Some were already a long time conscious that things on earth were not all right, and that much corruption, manipulation, 

violence and cruelties against humanity were going on for era's. For others it became more

clear during and after the so called 'pandemic'.


Lieuwke and Pim connected via facebook, just by seeing each others fb-timeline they found each other. 

Pim felt he was ready to leave his home to start a new adventure, he surrendered to the bigger plan and he found the right circumstances to continu his mission. Maaike planned to go by car to Spain. They met each other and felt right away their soul-connection, they made a magical journey from The Netherlands to Spain. Once they arrived in Spain at Lieuwke's place, also Lieuwke and Pim recognized each other as soul brother and sister and they felt the same kind of mission. 

By sharing thoughts, feelings, realisations and insights about all whats happening during this awakening time, 

they realized it is the perfect time to form a team to built together a new platform or tribe. 


They found beautiful connections, (in first instance) most online. All persons seemed to have the same kind of features:

Adventurous, pioniering, free spirited, longing for a peaceful world, have always felt strange between others, sensitive, warm/ big hearts, not focussed on money or power, no long term plans, wanting to bring healing and light to others, a need to live sincere and honest, walking a path of consiousness and healing, not afraid of confrontations with themselves or others, not afraid of mirrors, love to develop themselves as conscious person, wanting to have the truth out, wanting to solve suffering on earth, easily giving away energy, time, talents, longing for connection with their own soul and heart and with the souls and hearts of others. Feeling to be born in the 'wrong' world or place and in a way longing to travel back 'home'.

Now during the awakening all these souls feel and realize from deep within they came here on earth for a certain mission, they came here to show how they would love to live their life. A sigh of relieve. A life in balance with mother nature and in harmony with the people around them. A life filled with abundance, love, joy and harmony. 


These kind of souls are now connecting all over the world, because they feel they would like to offer/ be that bridge from the 'old world' (3D/ matrix) to the 'new free world'. In this new world its about love, truth, pureness, sincerity and heart and soul-time. Its about sharing and about daring to be vulnerable, to open up for magic and to be touched and kissed by mother earth. Its about realising we're all creators, and we all have our own authentic mission in life. By showing who we are, and the way we chose to live life we hope to inspire and empower you. 

We built this website: The heartist-tribe, here you can find us and our individual skills, our soul-time oases, our blogs and vlogs, retreats and our events. 

We love to meet you online or in real time. Lets built a beautiful peaceful new free world together. 

Feel welcome to connect with us.

We're all one