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Reisje Liefde

Turbulant times, much is changing, we're in the middle of the great awakening. Big shifts are happening. 

Individuals make their own journey, are on their way to find their own blueprint and authentic selfs. 

This can be done litarally by leaving your place and to travel kilometers, to just discover new places and to open yourself for adventures and new people. 

It can be a beautiful way to just surrender, to feel a mission and to just let go all that doesn't suit anymore. And to leave behind the things or people that don't serve anymore. For this courage is needed and faith. You open yourself for: 'Expecting the unexpected' 

By following the intuition and the events that come on your path you'll will be leaded to the bigger plan. 


Maaike is writer and is editor, she will share travel-experiences of herself and others.